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ESSB Extended Single Sideband

I do not intend to rewrite the history of Extended Single Sideband (ESSB).  Many amateur radio operators, past and present, have already covered the topic extensively in their articles and presentations.  The rapid progress in modern Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) have allowed ESSB enthusiasts to make further advances.  ESSB continues to be a platform of interest within the amateur radio community, supported by a dedicated group of enthusiasts who consistently refine and advance the technology. Despite these technological developments, the fundamentals of audio processing remain unchanged.

For those interested in mastering the art of audio processing, John Anning (NU9N), an expert in ESSB, has written numerous articles and presentations on the subject.  You will find in-depth information and background on ESSB and related topics on his websites: and eSSB.US. 

You will find active groups on social media, such as European ESSB Audio and ESSB Audio, where members share information, recordings, test results and other related areas of interests.

A Special Tribute:


“The single most driving force behind the initial SSB audio experimentation was Bill Salerno, W2ONV.  He was often referred to as “The Godfather of SSB Audio“, and for good reason.  Bill’s relentless enthusiasm for good audio, combined with his diplomatic and infectious way of speaking about audio, made for an irresistible combination for those listening.  Bill was the most elegant and charismatic advocate for SSB audio experimentation and everyone knew it!  He had a style about him, that made everyone who listened to him, want to be a part of this exciting mode of operating.  May he rest in peace.” Ref:  NU9N eSSB.US

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