Extended Single SideBand “ESSB”

Extended SSB” or “eSSB” is any J3E SSB transmission that exceeds the audio bandwidth of standard or traditional 2.9kHz SSB J3E modes (ITU 2K90J3E) starting at 3kHz (ITU 3K00J3E), in order to support the fidelity required and desired for relative high fidelity, full range clean and articulate vocal audio.”

Should You Even Consider eSSB or Not?
“If your desire is to have a more pleasing and natural sound than that of conventional SSB practice and a persona that is rich, smooth and highly defined, then you should consider eSSB. If you desire audio that does not sound like it originated from a tuna can, the bottom of a barrel or from the song “Winchester Cathedral,” then eSSB may be for you. However, if it is your desire is to “Cut” through QRM and bad band conditions, break a DX pileup or have contest grade audio, then forget about eSSB…it is definitely not for you! Stay with your Yaesu FT-1000-D and Heil HC-4… You will be much happier!” – John M. Anning – NU9N

3,0K bandwidth.
3K – 3,9 bandwidth.
4K -4,9 bandwidth
5K – 6,0 bandwidth
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