Norwegian Amateur Radio License Test Sample

The Norwegian Amateur Radio operator´s licenses are divided into three categories A, B and C:

Class A, General license:  Issued to individuals who have reached 16 years of age. The license gives the right to use all the frequency band, charisma classes listed here.  (Norwegian language).
Class B limited license. The license gives the right to use all frequency bands assigned to the amateur radio service in Norway. Permitted emission class is A1A Morse telegraphy listed here.
Class C, technical license, awarded to people who have reached 16 years. The license entitles to use all the frequency band of 144 MHz with associated emission class and transmit power listed here.

The below sample illustrates a typical format of the Norwegian license test with all question designed in a multiple choice non-distracting format

Disclaimer:  The above information is based on my fact-findings.   If any errors are detected please contact me via this link.

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