Raising the Fritzel

FB-33 on roof 3Raising the Fritzel FB-33 Yagi antenna in 2007.  The antenna performed above expectations and opened up gateways to signals never heard before.  However, I decided to remove the antenna after a short period of time to avoid serious confrontations with certain neighbors of mine who apparently did not appreciate my antenna installation in an urban environment.  Additional equipment used for the installation was the PST 400/2 tubular crank up tower with a rotator cage manufactured by Pro.Sis.Tel in Italy.  The overall length of the tower is 4.5m with the 1.5m rotor included, all made in galvanized steel.  I also purchased the PST641D a medium duty antenna antenna rotator with worm-wheel technology and the Pro.Sis.Tel “D”control box, a fully computer controllable unit via RS232.  Tremendous efforts and attention to details were made during this project hence it was my first Yagi antenna;  Even the guy wires were mil-spec and cut to non-resonant lengths.  Sincere thanks to TF4M for all his guidance during this project.

After the “take-down” I sold the Fritzel antenna and placed the Pro.Sis.Tel gear into storage for later use. To replace the Fritzel, I purchased a new TET-Emtron TE-33 three element directional antenna for later use.  Conclusively, my “favorite” neighbor (‘s) still remain in my “prayers”.