My Antennas

Due to neighborhood restrictions, I am forced to minimize my selection of antennas.  My current antenna system in use consist of a 1/4 wave mono-band vertical for 20M made by ZEROFIVE-ANTENNAS

FD3Second antenna in use is the German Fritzel FD3, an off-center dipole for 40M-20M-10M. Both these antennas were handpicked due to their solid construction and profile.

However, my main antenna systems (currently mothballed) consist of a the Tet-Emtron TE-33 tri-bander, Prosistel rotator, mil-spec coaxes, switches, stainless steel hardware etc., only waiting to be installed at the right time at another QTH. A tower will be hand-picked with respect to new QTH requirements and needs.

TE-33-3The TET-Emtron TE-33 is an optimum performance 3 element Japanese design HF Beam Antenna. Built with high efficiency traps, all stainless steel hardware and rugged aluminum construction, guarantee a long and trouble-free operation.

As trap type antennas are generally considered narrow banded, the TE-33 gives an SWR of 1.5 or less across the entire operating band, and therefore does not need any re-adjusting for PHONE or CW band.

This antenna is made from Marine Grade 6000 Series Aluminum, all per-drilled and partly per-assembled components.