The Radio Room

The radio room commonly referred to by amateur radio operators as the “Shack” is the Command Post for the entire operation. It is essential the environment, equipment setup, access, wiring, cables etc. is professionally coordinated in such a way it should reflect the Amateur Radio “Espirit de Corps.”

Aim high to make the radio room simple and effective, install only equipment to be used and plan well the ease of access to avoid operation fatigue. Avoid the stacking of useless equipment!

Consider the following guidelines:
  1. Radio Room location.
  2. Access to antenna, electricity and grounding.
  3. Equipment used in the shack.
  4. Equipment setup.
  5. Operating desk and space.
  6. Correct routing of cables and wiring with RF in mind.
  7. PC monitor position.
  8. Desk chair.
  9. Sound isolation.
  10. Lightening (illumination).
  11. RF protection and the use of ferrite cores and chokes.
  12. Remember attention to detail and: The Chain is never Stronger than its Weakest link.

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