ts870 abKENWOOD TS-870:  The best sounding, smooth – truly audiophile transceiver made and beat only by the Kenwood TS-950SDX modified models. Very nicely built.

Fantastic DSP filters – ALL receive filters can be created “on the fly” with front panel controls (see above). “Brick wall” DSP filtering.

Typical Kenwood – silky smooth VFO knob tuning (MENU choice of 5 or 10 Khz. per revolution). 1 Khz. per revolution by pushing the “FINE” button
Big control knobs and only one layer of menus
Utilizes two 24-bit 20 MIPS DSP chips – IF DSP

Includes the K-1 Logic Keyer (built in) – this is also a fantastic CW rig
Incredible value on the used market now (2014) – selling for almost half what they cost new (more or less depending on age and condition)
Choice of continuously variable or automatic AGC release time.
Rig never gets warm
Separate – front panel – fast tune dial (menu choice of 1, 5 or 10 KHz. steps)
Accurately reads out and tunes in 10 Hz. steps – by pushing the “FINE” button tunes in 1 Hz. steps (1 Khz. per VFO dial revolution).

The VFO dial only reads to 10 Hz. BUT 1 Hz. steps can be read on external computer control programs (like Ham Radio Deluxe).
Antenna tuner is quiet and fast
DB-9 connector on back panel for easy computer control
Works very well with HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) software – fast communication with P.C. at a baud rate of 57,600

Very quiet receive – fatigue free listening
Unbeatable VOX – to avoid ANY lost first syllable. Transmit audio (when VOX is enabled) is actually digitally delayed (very short time) before it is transmitted (this can be witnessed by using headphones & turning on the monitor function).
Segment LED meter is curved – resembles action of an analog meter with added benefits
Feature rich rig – just download the manual from Kenwood and be amazed!

Hard to believe – this rig was designed over 17 years ago.