The Ciro Mazzoni Magnetic HF Loop Antenna

Do you have limited antenna space, live in an area with inclement weather, do you make professional demands?  Is this loop antenna the ideal  solution?

The Ciro Mazzoni Magnetic HF Loop Antenna is made of aluminum. Even the smallest antenna has a 50mm ( two inch) diameter of the tubing. Because of the large surface area there is less loss of gain. Both ends are welded on the socket, no screw connections so no contact resistance.

The tuning capacitor on the loop is not a simple variable capacitor but a big variable plate capacitor of aluminum with an air-dielectric. Both plates are also welded directly to the loop and indestructible on high power! The distance between the plates is 14mm (ca. 1/2 inch) on the smallest antenna.

A weather resistant actuator opens or closes the loop and thus tunes the plate capacitor (SWR tuning).

The capacitance can be varied by a motor and can be adjusted to the best SWR via a control unit inside the shack. In spite of their compact size, the antennas are resonant in a wide frequency-range – do you know of any antenna which has a diameter of just one meter (ca. 38 inch) but a frequency range of 40m – 10m without gap?

Tuning of the antennas is done with an automatic control unit. The control units have a 230V power supply integrated.

Download: Loop-Manual (PDF, EN, 5MB)

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