Latest addition to the antenna “arsenal”.

I recently acquired a German Dressler ARA-900 VHF/UHF active receiving antenna with a frequency coverage from 50-900 MHz.  I am looking forward to the installation with the appropriate wide-band receiver in mind.  The below photo displays the ARA-2000 which has the same physical shape as the ARA-900 but designed for wider frequency capabilities.  Looking forward to the installation.

The IC-R8600 replaces the IC-R8500 wideband receiver and will feature the technology incorporated into Icom’s best selling IC-7300. The IC-R8600 will be able to receive a wide frequency range from 0.01-3000MHz frequency in analogue and various digital modes (D-STAR, P25, NXDN and dPMR). The IC-R8600 will feature a larger 4.3 inch touch screen display which will feature fast moving spectrum scope and waterfall display.