New powerful full-featured SDR covering all frequencies from 100KHz up to 2 GHz


The SDRplay RSP is a powerful wideband full-featured SDR
which covers all frequencies from 100KHz up to 2 GHz. All
it needs is a PC and an antenna to provide excellent
communications receiver functionality. Combined with the
power of readily available SDR receiver software, enjoy all
modes of operation while monitoring up to 8MHz of
spectrum at a time. An open API allows developers to
create new demodulators or applications around the
platform.  See link for further info.




11349380_1231810420204109_752888610_nThe latest IARU Monitoring System newsletter reports Russian Military traffic in the amateur radio 7 and 14 MHz bands has increased  The Russian Navy has often been active on 14192.0 using F1B and the Russian Over The Horizon (OTH) radar in Gorodezh (near Nizhny Novgorod) has been causing strong interference daily.  The International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1 August 2015 newsletter can be read at 

Reports of Amateur Band intruders can be logged on the IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Logger at  Monitor the short wave bands on-line with a web based SDR receiver at

IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS)