Revolutionary Remote TF4M

“The most advanced remote technology system has been installed at TF4M.  This has been done in collaboration with The station may be seamlessly controlled with an Elecraft K3 and a control unit from Remoterig and runs with a Solid State kW amplifier on all Amateur Bands with some of the most powerful antennas in the world.

Station description:

EUROPE/RUSSIA “ TEHRAN – 106m/350´ legs. 80m-10m
SOUTH AMERICA “ BUENOS AIRES “ 114m/375´ legs. 80m-10m
CARIBBEAN – QUITO “ 114m/375´ legs. 80m-10m
NORTH AMERICA “ HOUSTON “ 106m/350´ legs. 80m-10m
JAPAN/AUSTRALIA “ SYDNEY “ 300m/1,000´ legs. 80m-10m

#1: 194° = 170m/560´ long ; BEVERAGE (S, SSW, SW)
#2: 280° = 300m/1,000´ long BEVERAGE (WSW, W)
#3: 312° = 380m/1,250´ long BEVERAGE (WNW, NW)
#4: 323° = 350m/1,150´ long BEVERAGE (NNW)
#5: 14° = 170m/560´ long BEVERAGE (N, NNE, NE)
#6: 60° = 225m/740´ long BEVERAGE (ENE, E, ESE)
#7: 132° = 380m/1,250´ long BEVERAGE (SE, SSE)
#8: OMNI Directional Broadband Array

Receive Antennas are fed to both MAIN RX and SUB RX and can be selected in any combination including Diversity receive.
Connectivity is by optical fiber presently at 100MBps.

All Radio Amateurs in Iceland were invited to access this system without charge during the Beta Testing Stage.  The invitation was initially announced on the  Icelandic Radio Amateur (IRA) reflector following a news bulletin on the official IRA website. 

Amazingly, the announcement has been removed from the website without any notice or explanation”.  *TF4M